Summer Season Services (Residential / Commercial)

Do you love the way your yard looks after landscaping is completed, but don’t have the time to maintain the upkeep? Kerr & Kerr offers yard and gardening services to help you keep your yard looking great all summer long. (Some services are limited by region. Please call to inquire.)

Lawn Care

Looking to make a good impression? Lawn care is essential and we can take care of it. From cut and trim to insect and weed management, Kerr & Kerr have the knowledge, equipment and manpower to take care of any residential or commercial property - big or small.

Nicely maintained and freshly cut lawn

Gardening & Trimming

Don't let things get out of control when it comes to hedge and garden edge trimming. We'll take the time to make sure your garden has that perfectly manicured appearance from top to bottom.

Person using shears to trim hedges


Weeding is an important part of garden maintenance, and Kerr & Kerr are here to help. Weeds compete with all other vegetation for important nutrients, moisture, and sunlight, so it's important to keep them under control. Mulch will help control weeds, but it won't get rid of them completely. When it comes to weeds, we'll make sure your yard and garden are healthy and looking great.

Person with red gloves removing weeds from garden

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Seasonal change can be tough on your yard and garden. Kerr and Kerr offers professional spring and fall clean up services to keep your property looking its best. We’ll remove all the unwanted debris and leaves, prune your shrubs, and generally give your yard a much-needed refresh. Don’t let the changing seasons take a toll on your property - let us help you keep it looking amazing all year long!