Yard Grading

Do you have an unwanted slope to your lawn? Are you experiencing drainage issues? Maybe you're looking to increase your usable yard space? Landscape grading can help with all of these and Kerr & Kerr is one of the top grading companies in the Tri-City area. A Properly graded yard will have a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance. It will also contribute significantly to proper water drainage. Without appropriate grading, a home owner can experience a variety of unwanted problems including: water pooling, laneway erosion, and leaking basements. Avoid these costly repairs. If you want/need a land grading assessment, let us help. We'll take grade photos, identify watershed conditions, and establish a scope of work.

Yard, Lawn and Laneway Leveling

Lawn looking a little uneven? Do you need to regrade your yard to support the construction of a patio, deck, or other landscaping feature? Has your laneway become uneven from years of seasonal change? Perhaps a retaining wall could eliminate that dramatic slope and make lawn mowing a lot easier? Yard, lawn and laneway grading is the best way to correct a property that’s uneven. It is the first step for many landscape construction projects and is an integral consideration in many landscape design plans.

Tractor Yard, Lawn and Laneway Leveling

Bulk Dirt and Soil Removal

You've got dirt that needs to go. Kerr & Kerr can help. We can remove large quantities of soil quickly, making your job easy. Whether you're removing ground for a new addition or have some excess soil from those yard renovations, our team will take it off your hands. Soil removal has never been so easy!

Bulk Dirt and Soil Removal

Bulk Aggregate, Mulch or Topsoil Delivery

Stop struggling when it comes to lifting those heavy bags of soil and mulch. If you’re looking for reliable mulch and soil delivery of a yard or more, we can deliver right to your driveway. We offer delivery across the Cambridge, Ayr, Paris, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph areas. We also offer pick up at our main location — only a short drive from Ayr and Paris. Contact us to arrange delivery/pick up.

Large Kerr & Kerr truck delivering soil